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Sarah Oliver CHCP- Certified Hoof Care Professional  with Liberated Horsemanship

Jayne Cooney currently training with Liberated Horsemanship

Dare2bebarefoot is a small Natural Hoof Care Company based on the border between Scotland and England.  We specialise in natural hoof and horse care based on the "wild horse model" developed by Jaime Jackson.  This model incorporate's whats called the "four pillars of natural horse care."
The "Four Pillars" of Natural Hoof Care:
1. A Natural Trim - The trim mimics natural wear patterns, which triggers more natural growth patterns in the hoof. To do this the natural trim needs to be applied every six weeks.
2. Natural Boarding - Outdoors, herd life, lots of movement  a paddock paradise would be ideal.     
3. Reasonably Natural Diet - Free-choice dry grass hay (low carb), spread far apart to stimulate horses to move more. A natural salt lick and mineral block.  Limited or no access to grass and a low sugar diet is important. 
4. Natural Riding - Facilitate the horse's natural gaits.
As well as applying the natural trim dare2bebarefoot can support and assist horse owners with ideas on Natural boarding and creating and designing a paddock paradise suited to the horse and owners needs.
Meet Sarah's horses.
Prince came to live with me when i was 12 years old.  We got him from a horse sale in Wigton.  Prince is a 14.2 Fell pony, was 4 years old fully broken with a full set of shoes.  He has a beautiful temperament and was one of my childhood ponies.  Prince is now 22 and enjoys light hacks, talking my friends children out on rides and chasing cows. Prince was kept traditionally and was shod until he was 17.  He started to get cracks in his hooves and was lame, the farrier said it was old age and that he would need to come more often to shoe him to stop the cracks.  Soon Princes hoof wouldn't hold a shoe and that's when i made the decision to go barefoot through the help of a friend.   I used a great trimmer called Nick Hill who not only sorted princes feet but changed my view on horse care. After a radical change in diet Prince has been barefoot now for 5 years with no issues and is doing well.
Prince with Kayla

Princes feet now
Piper is a 16 hand  Cob x Fell Pony.  He is 20 now and we got him a year after Prince from the horse sales.  He is very loving and genuine.  Piper was shod for 14 years and never had any real problems apart from his hoofs splitting and cracking lots.  Again i was informed this was normal. Piper likes pulling his buggy, herding cows and sheep and sleeping.  Piper went barefoot the same time as prince and has had beautiful feet since.

Driving barefoot - No problem!

Rebus is the baby of the herd, he enjoys escaping and getting into trouble.  Rebus came to me at 9 months old he is very intelligent and likes jobs to do!  He will be 2 this year.

Rebus a few weeks old

Rebus at 16 months

Rebus having a sleep in the shade
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